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Why should I register?

We offer a tool to flag directories as you please; this tool can be very useful during your submissions campaigns.

By flagging directories you will be able to identify your submissions to any given directory. In addition, you will be able to filter the directory list to visualize only directories flagged in a certain way, for example, to track your pending/approved/featured submissions. You can flag specific directories according to your needs. For example, you can flag directories that didin't allow you to submit your site, avoiding useless future attempts. Each time you flag a directory, the date is registered for your future reference.

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Which are the benefits of using Linksadmin.net to get directories for my directory submissions campaigns?

  • You have access to an updated directory database with thousands of classified directories.
  • You will be able to submit only to worthy directories, discarding careless/dead directories.

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How does LinksAdmin.net know latest activity dates of each listed web directory?

We periodically crawl each directory of the list to determine latest updates. If you find any errors, please report it using the "report link" over each directory listing.

The list of directories results from a combination of bots (labeled oompa loompas) and human revisions.
We cannot guarantee 100% error-free results. Sorry.

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How does Linksadmin keep its directory database clean?

When we find parked domains or legends like:
"This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing..."
We decide to remove the involved directory/URL.

When we can't access some directory for any other reason, we deactivate the directory. Once the problems are solved, we reactivate the directory.

Only if we find that a directory is down or not updated for long time (approximately 3 months) do we decide to send it to the list of inactive directories.

If your directory was removed in error, please contact us for immediate reactivation.

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What are 'historical updates'?

For each listed directory, we display PR updates, Google indexed pages updates, latest activity detected updates, pricing and available submission types,etc.
In this way, directory submitters can visualize the history of each directory before deciding to submit there.

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What are 'not recommended' directories?

We refer to directories that are currently closed, hacked, defaced, broken or simply haven't had recent activity detected (they are not adding new sites on a regular basis) as 'not recommended' for submission.

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How can I submit my web directory to LinksAdmin.net?

If you have a directory that doesn't display latest updates or latest included websites, or/and hasn't got an easy way to get available submission types, please correct it before submitting it to Linksadmin.net.

Many directories that require login also don't show submission types and prices until registered. This isn't user friendly nor accessible for our bots, so you should correct it as soon as possible, perhaps displaying available submission types in some other page of your directory.

Some directories are hosted on paranoid servers or have installed paranoid scripts to protect contents against bots. Our bot doesn't scrape your contents; it only checks updates and submission prices to keep our directory lists up-to-date. If the above is your case, we may not be able to maintain your directory info updated automatically, because our bot may interprete your directory as careless and place it at the bottom of our directory lists.
Our bot is running from the IP You can find it in your web logs: - ... [Date/Time]... "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Linksadmin.net http://www.linksadmin.net/faqs.php#faq5)"
Contact us for any inquiries regarding our bot activity.

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Can I edit the title and description of my directory?

Sure!. Directory owners can add or edit their directory titles and descriptions at anytime.

You can aloso add periodical promotions or general comments besides managing the title (anchor) of your link. A simple administration form will allow you to make these changes.

If you are the owner of a listed directory please contact us to request your password.

For security reasons, we only send this information:
- to a verified email address (visible in your directory pages) - through your directory contact form, - or to the email address displayed in your domain's "who is".

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I make frequent updates to my directory, but these aren't reflected in my directory stats at Linksadmin.net.

Look for the problem in our FAQ "How can I submit my web directory to LinksAdmin.net" before contacting us.
We will try to find a solution to any problem immediately.

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What are Linksadmin’s different directory types?

  • A. Free Directory: It has an absolute FREE submission option, without fees and no reciprocal link required.
  • B. Reciprocal Directory: It requires ONLY a reciprocal link (without fees).
  • C. Paid Directory: It requires recurring fees or a one-time fee, including hybrids paid-reciprocal submissions.

Note that directory types aren't exclusive.
One directory can be free, reciprocal and paid at the same time if it offers the three submission types.

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What does "mothballed" mean?

When our bots find unavailable/suspended/inactive/hacked/temporarily closed/etc. directories, we temporarily mothball these directories.

It's the step before removing the directory, after recurrent fails.

If we can't access a directory for any reason, we manually deactivate it. But don't worry - the directory will be automatically reactivated during our next update and when your server comes up again-. We recommend you that monitor your server uptime, many companies offer it for free.

A mothballed directory will be revised during our next update, and it can be reactivated automatically if our bots find new added websites.

Sometimes, careless/inaccessible directories are mothballed, and they remain inactive for long time until their owners add new listings and our bots detect them.

We also mothball recently included web directories that have hidden their latest included websites (and dates).
These directories remain in our main directory list for about 3 months, then, if our bots don't find any updates in that period, and the directories remain online as directories (not blogs or any other types of website), we send it to the inactive directory list.

If you find a mistake in the way that we list your directory, feel free to contact us.

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What are "directories in slowdown'?

At Linksadmin.net, a directory in slowdown is a directory without new detected additions during the latest 30 days. We don't recommend submitting to those directories at present.

If you find a mistake in the way that we list your directory, feel free to contact us.

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What about the list of inactive directories?

When our bots can't find activity in a directory for long time (more than 2 months), the directory is flagged as dead/closed and sent to the list of inactive directories.

Every so often we check the list manually to rescue some directories that experienced errors.

Some directories don't display their latest updates in a clear way, so it is hard for us to detect updates on them.

If you find a mistake in the way that we list your directory, feel free to contact us.

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Why isn't my directory displayed in your Web Directory Lists?

We are trying to list only active directories. You should search your directory by URL, and
check its "Latest Activity Detected" status.
(Usually this date is quite similar to the real latest activity of each directory listed).

If our bot couldn't detect activity in your directory, alert us and we will try to find a solution ASAP.

If your directory isn't updated for more than 2 months, we will consider it to be not relevant for the submission and sooner or later your directory will be part of our list of inactive directories

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