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    Our FREE DIRECTORY LIST is one of the best and freshest resources to find SEO friendly web directories to submit your site. It's updated regularly and we show you LATEST ACTIVITY DATES DETECTED for each listed directory, so directory submitters can easily discard careless web directories. In addition, we offer exclusive and detailed info about listed directories - just go to the directory list and click on Directory's historial for each listed directory -.

    Some other directory lists squash you with thousands of careless directories that will never approve your submissions. Often PR, "authority" or "trust" don't matter because your free directory submissions will never be reviewed!. Using our free directory list, you'll find not only SEO friendly and trusted web directories but also all the information available for each one. You don't have to blindly believe us - just check the info for each listed directory! -. We approve the directories using our algorithm which classifies and rates each directory to offer a purified final directory list to our visitors. You get to use your own criteria before choosing where to submit!.

    More than 60% of online free web directories stack pending free submissions forever.

    Verify latest activity detected before submitting to get better approval rates.
    Do you want to submit to careless directories? It's up to you.

    We list parameters that are uncommon in other web directory lists:

    Latest Activity Detected, Directory Updates Frequency and much more.

    Log in to flag directories in different ways. Each time you flag a directory, dates are registered for your future reference. Flags consist of combinations of 3 colors:
    . If you register to Linksadmin.net, you will be able to see historical updates for each listed directory - or simply CLICK HERE TO ENJOY OUR ADVANCED WEB DIRECTORY LIST


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